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Pool leaks

Is it evaporation or a pool leak? Did you know that up to 30% of all pools have a leak?  Whether your pool is in Lake Mary, Heathrow, Winter Park or any place else around Orlando, the average Florida pool can lose up to 20,000 gallons of water a year through evaporation! If you’re adding

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Chlorine levels

What is cyanuric acid and why should I care about it? Cyanuric Acid, better known as stabilizer, is used in outdoor pools in Central Florida to help reduce the photodecomposition of chlorine… in other words, it helps stop the sun from destroying the chlorine in your pool water.  An ideal level of Cyanuric Acid will

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Pool Water Level

Managing Pool Water Levels in Florida Its probably painfully obvious to you that the dry season is over in the Orlando area. Most of our pools have received several inches of rain over the past couple of weeks.   First off, if your pool seems as though its about to overflow, don’t be alarmed, pool decks

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Pool Safety Fences

Residents of the Orlando area spend hours each summer swimming in our backyard pools or relaxing in hot tubs. Tragically though, over 200 young children drown in backyard pools each year nationwide, including some in Central Florida. In many cases, a properly installed pool safety fence could have prevented these tragedies. The American Red Cross suggests

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Pool Heaters

Reduce Pool Heating Costs It’s 39 degrees this morning in Orlando, brrrrrrrr!  You probably won’t get much use from your Pool or Spa today in Central Florida, but what better time to talk about a swimming pool heater!   8 tips to get the most from your pool heater and lower pool heating costs at

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