Pool Water Level

Managing Pool Water Levels in Florida

Its probably painfully obvious to you that the dry season is over in the Orlando area. Most of our pools have received several inches of rain over the past couple of weeks.   First off, if your pool seems as though its about to overflow, don’t be alarmed, pool decks are constructed so that even if your pool should overflow your home is not in danger.  In fact, if water is threatening your house, we all have bigger problems than our pools!


At any time of the year your ideal pool water level is about half way up the pool skimmer. This will let the skimmer due what its designed to do, skim debris from your pools surface and ensure proper filtration.  Given the present weather conditions in the Orlando area it may be necessary to remove a couple inches of water to achieve the desired level. It’s important to note here that it’s not just about removing water from your pool but how you remove water from your pool can impact your pool’s chemistry.

Pool Chemicals and the Rainy Season Central Florida

Stabilizer is a chemical that’s added to pool water to help chlorine last longer.
In order to maintain your pools proper chemical balance, it’s important to note that stabilizer resides in the top 18 inches of your pool water.   To minimize disrupting your pools chemistry while draining water out of your pool it’s important to leave those top 18″ or water alone. To do that make sure you close the skimmer valve so that water is removed from the bottom of the pool, thereby minimizing the impact on your stabilizer, prolonging the life of your chlorine and, keeping your pool as clear as possible.

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