Pool Brushing Skimming and Vacuuming

Pool Brushing Skimming and Vacuuming

Owning a pool in your Orlando or Central Florida home is family fun and an example of quality time at its very best. Almost everyone agrees though, that the maintenance required to keep a pool in the Central Florida area in perfect swimming condition can seem endless at times. Especially during those summer months when some extra effort is necessary. Yet why have a swimming pool in your backyard if it is not properly maintained to allow your family and friends to enjoy at all times? To help you get the most enjoyment out of your pool, let’s discuss some topics about pool maintenance to help keep your pool clean, healthy and always ready for you and your family to enjoy.

Brushing or Scrubbing Your Pool

Does your pool ever look like it has a stain or algae on its surface? If the answer is yes, then in most cases it is due to a lack of proper brushing to the pool’s surfaces. Instead of brushing, many pool service experts will use the term scrubbing, because the importance of a thorough periodic scrubbing of all the pool’s areas cannot be over emphasized. No matter what automatic pool cleaner you have, it simply cannot get all of the algae spores, nor remove every bit of the tiny debris that collects in a pool in an Orlando or Central Florida home. Additionally, calcium deposits will build up over time and this will also stain your pool’s surface. Thorough brushing is required and it’s imperative that every area of the pool’s surface be brushed, from the main drain to the top of the tiles. Always remember the following pool care tips:
– Brush slowly and thoroughly.
– Brush the pool while the pool’s pump is running.
– Always brush the debris in the direction of the main (or primary) drain. This way the debris will be “pulled” into the drain towards the filter.
– If you see that a large amount of waste, yard foliage and other debris are present in your pool, then remember to also clean your pool’s filter after thoroughly brushing.
– Remember to use a softer brush to scrub tile, fiberglass and vinyl pool surface areas. Use a stiffer brush if you have a concrete plaster lined pool.

Vacuuming Your Pool

Sometimes you may find in your Central Florida pool that the waste and debris in the pool is simply too excessive to be totally removed by your automatic cleaner. Even brushing or scrubbing simply wont get the waste and debris removed alone. In such instances your pool should be thoroughly vacuumed (or the debris could eventually become “attached”  to your pool’s actual surface and lead to extensive surface damage). Vacuuming also helps keep your pool’s water much clearer, leading you to use fewer pool chemicals. Remember also to always check that your automatic vacuum is working properly. When you do manually vacuum your pool, work the head back and forth and try to overlap your strokes.

Skimming Your Pool

Don’t ignore your pool’s water surface. Brushing, scrubbing and vacuuming address the pool’s surfaces, but will not remove the leaves, dirt, bugs and other debris that commonly accumulate on a pool’s water surface in Orlando and Central Florida. Sometimes your pool’s automatic built-in skimmer simply get’s overwhelmed and needs some help. Using a hand skimmer allows you to quickly remove debris that eventually will get “heavy” with water and sink to the bottom of your pool. Using a long handled skimmer to get rid of the “stuff” floating on your pool’s water will result in cleaner water, makes vacuuming easier and will also help prevent surface stains. Lastly, remember to always clean out your automatic skimmer regularly so it doesn’t get clogged. This way it can work efficiently and protect your pool’s pump.

Choose a Professional Pool Service Company

If you don’t already have a professional pool service company, or maybe you’re unhappy with the service that you currently use, consider this: Certified Pool Pros is a professional pool service company that has been dedicated to helping Central Florida families enjoy their swimming pools for over three decades now! With offices in Lake Mary and Maitland, we are a local company owned by a life-long Winter Park resident with 30+ years of experience in the Orlando community.

Reliability, plus always keeping our client’s best interests as our primary goal, have led to a reputation that far surpasses our competitors. We are proud to say that Certified Pool Pros is Central Florida’s #1 pool service and pool cleaning company. Servicing Orlando with our corporate headquarters in Lake Mary, CPP covers Orange, Lake and Seminole counties with satisfaction guaranteed.

Whether you are an existing client or not, we urge you to contact us online or call us TODAY at 407-859-POOL (7665) if you have any questions regarding keeping your pool clean and sparkling. Let the experts do the work for you!

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