Chlorine levels

What is cyanuric acid and why should I care about it?

Cyanuric Acid, better known as stabilizer, is used in outdoor pools in Central Florida to help reduce the photodecomposition of chlorine… in other words, it helps stop the sun from destroying the chlorine in your pool water.  An ideal level of Cyanuric Acid will make chlorine more stable when exposed to sunlight.

 chlorine level

What does this mean for my pool?

Since chlorine is destroyed by sunlight it’s obviously important to have cyanuric acid in your pool.  However, cyanuric acid is not destroyed or used up and will eventually become too highly concentrated in your pool.  When this happens, it stops doing its job of protecting the chlorine in your pool and actually stops chlorine from working. This may lead to stains, cloudy water, and algae. Homeowners (and some pool companies) often try to alleviate this issue by adding more chlorine containing more stabilizer, which only ends up making the problem worse.

We can help!

At Certified Pool Pros we actively monitor the cyanuric acid levels of your pool and make adjustments to the pool’s chemistry based on your pools needs.   So if you’re having an issue with stains, cloudy water, or algae and you’re reading this, call us. It may just be that your pool’s cyanuric acid level is too high.  Just call us at 407-859-7665 and we’ll be happy to come out and take a look.

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