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Orlando Pool Service & MaintenanceHaving a pool in your Orlando or Central Florida home is such a delight! Yet you hear many pool owners complain about the maintenance required to keep a pool in the Central Florida area in perfect condition. Why have a swimming pool in your backyard if it is not maintained to allow your family and friends to enjoy at all times? To help you get the most enjoyment out of your pool, here are some maintenance tips and a look at some topics that can actually save you money!

Pool Maintenance Tips

  • Keep the Foliage Under Control –
    When you think about it, it seems pretty simple: what doesn’t get in your pool can’t dirty or foul up your water. Contaminants from trees, bushes and foliage are the primary things that lead to a dirty, grubby or murky swimming pool. In all of Central Florida the trees continuously “shed” by dropping their leaves and seeds. This is also true for all backyard shrubs and plants. So keeping all the trees and shrubs properly trimmed and cut-back is of primary importance. Making sure that overhanging tree limbs are pruned and bushes regularly trimmed can make a tremendous difference in assuring proper maintenance for your pool. You may also consider plants and shrubs that produce less waste and debris.
    So before you plant a cute little shrub or tree near your pool, take into consideration its mature size and growth pattern. A great guide published by the University of South Florida to refer to is the Home Landscape Guide To Central Florida.
  • Clean More Often –
    Again, this seems pretty simple: the more frequently you clean your pool, the cleaner it stays. Additionally, this is definitely a case where the old cliche “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” applies. Also keep in mind that cleaning your pool more frequently makes it so much easier to clean the pool each time. Consider increasing the pool cleaning frequency during the “high use” summer months. Going from two cleanings a month to a weekly pool cleaning schedule can make all the difference between having a clean and sparkling water environment versus a murky and uninviting look to your pool’s water.
  • Use a Hand Skimmer –
    Sure, you have a skimmer built into the pool deck to remove debris and “garbage”. Yet the debris still sometimes accumulates quickly and in large amounts, thus overwhelming the built-in skimmer. Eventually the built-in skimmer will “catch up”, but it can take quite a while for it to remove all the debris. Keep a hand skimmer at the ready (and NOT in your garage or shed). This way the debris can be removed quickly, long before it becomes saturated with water and sinks to the bottom.
  • Pool Covers and Enclosures –
    Everyone should cover their pool at times when the pool is not being used. Pool covers come in a variety of types: winter covers, safety covers, security covers, solar covers and “auto-retractable” covers. Covering your pool means that less dirt and debris can actually make it into your water, thus the result is less pool maintenance.
    Perhaps an even better reason for covering your outdoor pool when it’s not in use is provided by the U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) consumer resource report on saving energy. The DOE states that covering a pool when it is not in use is the single most effective means of reducing pool heating costs, with actual savings of 50 – 70 percent being possible. Pool covers simply result in minimizing the evaporation from your pool and blocking the sunlight and heat, thus leading to a very potential energy savings for you.
    Additionally, consider getting a screened in pool enclosure. What better way is there to keep dirt and debris out of your swimming pool than by simply not letting it get near your pool? A pool enclosure also assists in lowering your pool heating costs and keeps the pests and bugs from bothering you and guests.
  • Hire A Professional Service –
    Keeping your pool in perfect condition is harder than it sounds. Previously we had discussed the pool chemistry and chemicals required to do the job right. Now after discussing the maintenance required, one can easily see that both time and money are factors that make using a professional pool service an attractive alternative.

Choosing a Professional Pool Service Company –

If you don’t already have a professional pool cleaning and service company, or perhaps are unhappy with the service that you currently use, consider this: Certified Pool Pros is a professional pool service company that has been dedicated to helping Central Florida families enjoy their swimming pools for the entire swimming season for over three decades now! With offices in Lake Mary and Maitland, we are a local company owned by a life-long Winter Park resident with over 30 years of experience in the swimming pool industry.

Reliability, plus always keeping our client’s best interests as our primary goal, have led to a reputation that far surpasses any of our competition. We are proud to say that Certified Pool Pros is Central Florida’s #1 pool service and pool cleaning company. Servicing Orlando with our corporate headquarters in Lake Mary, CPP covers Orange, Lake and Seminole counties with satisfaction guaranteed.

Whether you are an existing client or not, we urge you to contact us online or call us TODAY at 407-859-POOL (7665) if you have any questions regarding keeping your pool clean and sparkling. Let the experts do the work for you!


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