Why You Should Have a Pool Safety Fence

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A pool can be a whole lot of fun for your family when the weather starts to get warm. Yet if you’re not careful, a pool can be very dangerous too. That’s why so many people have pool safety fences or a pool guard. As well as a pool cover when it’s not in use, pool fencing can be a lifesaver for you, your family, and everyone around your home. Ensure that your backyard pool is a whole lot safer for everyone by following the old cliche: “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”! Hopefully, you’ll agree after reading this that, although there are numerous reasons to get one of these fences or pool safety guards, safety is #1 (and our hope is that everyone makes the minor investment to prevent accidents and drowning deaths that ruin a family’s life by not having one!).

Keep in mind that some of the rules, requirements and your individual needs may vary a little depending on the type of pool that you have. If you have an in-ground pool then you most definitely need a barrier around it because it’s extremely easy to simply step into the pool (whether on purpose or by accident). Think of it as a child safety fence to stop children getting into the pool area easily. If you have an above-ground pool you may not have as many requirements as long as the ladder is kept away from the pool, but you could definitely still use a pool fence to add to the safety aspect.

It’s Safer

The number one reason to get pool safety fencing is to make sure that no one is going to fall into the pool by accident. No matter what kind of pool you have, it can be extremely dangerous, because someone can always fall into it. If that someone is small, not a good swimmer, or a pet it can be really difficult for them to get back out of the pool. Worse still, if no one notices that they went in the pool, it results in an extremely dangerous situation. A pool safety fence with a self-closing gate will make absolutey sure that they can’t just fall in by accident.

Pool Safety Fencing

Every year, hundreds of people (or more) drown to death in pools. They may think they can swim but can’t or they may not realize how deep the water is or how far they have to swim to get to a safe area. Maybe they just don’t think about it at all, such as small children and animals. When you have a fence or similar pool safety barrier that they have to get through, over, or around, it makes it a whole lot more difficult for a child or animal to get into your pool without you knowing about it. That means you greatly reduce the likelihood of a drowning in your pool.

It Keeps You In Control

Want to make sure you always know when your kids, pets, or the neighbors kids are using your pool? Putting up a pool barrier to open the gate before they get to the pool with a lock on it, ensures that they have to talk to you before they can get in. That’s definitely a great safety measure to have. It also reduces your liability if someone does get into your pool without your permission because you did what is considered best practices to keep them out.

Installing a pool safety fence meant to keep people out and adding a lock reduces your liability even further. A good lock that requires a key or a combination is really helps by making it even more difficult for anyone to get into that pool area and then into the pool itself. The important thing is making sure that you always keep the gate closed and locked because leaving it open allows just anyone to walk in.

It’s the Law

This isn’t true in all areas, but in many cities or even states, it’s actually the law to have a safety fence around certain types of pools. You will have to look at the different rules and restrictions in your area and then you can find out what your responsibility is. If your pool is a certain size, depth, or height it may be required to have a fence around it at all times, even if you don’t keep the ladder anywhere near the pool. Putting up a fence keeps you from being liable if something happens in the pool.

It’s the Law

Keep in mind there may be different requirements for the type of fence you need to install as well. You’ll want to keep that in mind when you install it or build it. These laws can be a bit of a nuisance, but they’re actually put in place to protect you. If you didn’t have a fence and the law required it, you could be held responsible if a neighborhood child drowned in your pool, even though you never told them they could swim there. It’s extremely important to follow the rules and to make sure you protect yourself and your family.

By utilizing the services of a certified pool service company like us to choose and install the right pool safety fence or pool gate like mesh pool safety fence, you’re going to make yourself and everyone around you a whole lot safer. That’s not just more considerate, it could actually be a lifesaver. With just a little extra money and a little extra time, you could actually be saving a member of your family’s life or the life of someone that you care about. Isn’t that worth what it’s going to cost you in time and money? Of all the things that you can possibly do as a pool owner, installing a pool safety fence and lock is by far the most important!

Whether you have an in-ground or above-ground pool, it is your responsibility to ensure that you do everything you can to keep everyone safe and to maintain control over who is able to swim in your pool The last thing you want is for someone to get injured or even die because of your pool. If it an accident or drowning death does occur from someone using your pool when they weren’t supposed to, you want to make sure you aren’t going to be held financially responsible, or even worse, emotionally responsible for a terrible tragedy that ruins peoples lives. A pool safety fence keep everyone safer and greatly reduces your potential liability at the same time.

We Expertly Install Pool Safety Fences

Certified Pool Pros offers complete installation of pool safety fences. If your pool does not currently have one, we strongly urge you to install one ASAP!
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