Discount pool services – are they really discounts?

Who could blame you? You signed up with a discount pool service because they promised you a lower price. The only problem is that too often discount pool services aren’t the discount they claim to be. In reality, you may wind up paying more with your $69 discount pool service than you would with an all-inclusive service charging $120 a month.

Below are some questions you may want to ask before signing up with a discount pool service.

discount pool service

Will there be an additional charge for chemicals?

I’ve spoken with a few customers who came to us from discount pool services. I was shocked to learn that they were being charged extra for chemicals every month. Most pool service companies charge a flat monthly fee regardless of the amount of chemicals we use. Yes, we all need to pass along some of our costs from time to time, but we account for that when we quote you a monthly rate. If you’re being charged extra for acid and chlorine every month by a discount pool service, you might want to talk to another company. While it’s normal to be charged for special chemicals purchased specifically for your pool, it’s not normal to be charged extra for chlorine or acid.

Do you visit weekly and do you make up rain days?

At Certified Pool Pros we visit your pool every week, rain or shine. There may be some weeks, especially in the summer, when severe weather forces us to come a day or two late but it is a rare occasion when we don’t see you at some point during the week. If you don’t see us or the note left by our technician, check your pool timer box, we have a card that is signed each time our tech visits. Call us if you have any concerns or questions. Many discount pool services visit bi-weekly (every other week) or do not commit to visiting every week; if it rains, they may not give you a make good day and you go without service that week.

Is the discount pool service insured?

Who’s responsible if a pool technician slips on your deck? Does the discount service carry workers compensation and general liability coverage for their employees? Asking that question before something happens is always better than finding out after an accident.
Please do yourself a favor and ask these questions when hiring a pool service company. If you have any questions call us at 407-859-POOL, we’ll be happy to help!

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