Salt Water vs Chlorine Pools

Salt Water Pool vs Chlorine PoolA frequently asked question we get asked is “what is the difference between saltwater and chlorine pools?” and if one is preferred over the other. Both methods are used to sanitize pools – one using chlorine tablets and the other using chlorine generators, AKA salt water. There are pros and cons to each and the decision between going with one over the other depends upon personal preference and what makes the most sense for your individual lifestyle.

Salt Water Pools

It is important to realize that a salt water pool is still a chlorinated pool. You are not eliminating chlorine from your pool by having a saltwater pool system, rather electrically converting pool salt into chlorine. That is why you may often hear the term of salt water chlorination used when people are discussing salt water pools. If converting to a salt system, chlorine generators are installed and salt is then poured into the pool and dissolved. Titanium plates in the chlorine generator then electrolyze the dissolved salt in the pool and it is this reaction that results in the production of chlorine. Manufacturers have been making and selling saltwater chlorine generators in the USA for almost 40 years now, although they were originally manufactured in the early 1970’s in New Zealand.

This basically is the reason why having a saltwater pool does not mean that your pool is chlorine free. In fact, the same levels of chlorine are necessary to maintain a pool using a chlorine generator as a pool using chlorine tablets. A chlorine generator’s job is to produce chlorine from the salt in the water, which actually is a comparable process to how chlorine tablets are manufactured.

Just like any system, there are pros and cons to chlorine generator pool systems. The Pros include:
– Not having to buy chlorine tablets and consistently maintain them.
– You can adjust the chlorine production rate easily.
– Salt water pools create a much softer water feeling due to the salt in the water.
– Saltwater pools also stay cleaner longer due to the constant flow of chlorine from the generator.
Cons include:
– A high upfront and replacement cell costs.
– Having to purchase heavy bags of salt and regularly adding the salt to the pool to maintain the correct salt and stabilizer levels.
– Salt water spills outside of your pool onto your deck or lawn can cause significant damage.

Chlorine Pools

Chlorine pools have been the “traditional” means of maintaining pool cleanliness for over 50 years now. Although they have a lower initial cost of instillation, they do require a more involved process to keep them maintained in the long run. The pH balance of a chlorine pool is most important, and unfortunately inconsistent, therefore testing the water is something that needs to be done regularly. However, the delivery system for the chlorine is a simple process by way of utilizing chlorine tablets. The tablets are placed into either an external feeder installed as part of your pool equipment or an in-pool floating delivery device, or both. The use of one over the other (or both) really depends upon the size of your pool.

Just like salt water systems, chlorine pools come with their own list of pros and cons as well. The Pros include:
– Easily maintaining proper chlorine levels.
– Low initial costs.
– Chlorine can be used for all pool types whether large or small, commercial or residential.
The Cons include:
– Having to constantly maintain and monitor the pH level of the pool and regular water testing.
– Purchasing large heavy buckets of chlorine tablets and refilling the dispense every 1-3 weeks.
– The additional chemicals potentially needed to keep the pool at the proper levels for safe swimming.

For more information on the chemicals required for your pool’s maintenance, please check out our earlier post on Pool Chemical Facts.

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