Should I Run My Pool Pump in Freezing Weather?

Many of us have moved to Florida for its warm climate and sunny days. However, it can get very cold, even here. Be sure to check the weather if you haven’t already since temperatures are predicted to drop below freezing. If that happens, knowing how to look after your pool correctly is essential to prevent freeze damage.

The most common question we hear from many of our pool owners is, “will running my pool pump prevent freezing?”

should I run my pool pump in freezing weather

Prepare Your Pool Before Freezing Temperatures Arrive

Before the cold temperatures arrive in Orlando this weekend, you can do a few things to your swimming pool. Make sure all your pool equipment is working properly, and inspect any hoses for leaks or signs of wear and tear. Also, check to be sure your filter is working correctly; a dirty filter can reduce circulation and cause problems.

What Should I do to My Pool in Freezing Temperatures

  • Keep your pool pump running when temperatures are close to freezing.
  • Pool heaters do not need to be run; the moving water will not freeze.
  • Disconnect all aerators and lines to your pool slides.
  • Any booster pumps for your pool cleaner don’t need to run.
  • Water feature pumps should be run, and valves should be opened.
  • If you have solar panels, check with your installer to see what they recommend.

If you have any questions, please get in touch with Certified Pool Pros at 407-859-7665.

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