7 signs it’s Time for a Jaw-Dropping pool resurfacing

Everyone loves a good dip in the pool, especially on those scorching summer days in Orlando. But, just like your home needs a fresh coat of paint now and then, your pool needs some attention too. One of the most important ways to care for your pool is “pool resurfacing.” But what is pool resurfacing? And how do you know when your pool needs it?

pool resurfacing

How long should a pool surface last?

Most pools will stay in great shape for about 10 to 15 years. But a lot depends on a few things. First, what’s your pool made of? Some materials, like plaster, tend to show age faster than others. Think of plaster like a toy left out in the sun; after a while, it just doesn’t look or work as well. And, of course, if you’re having pool parties every weekend or if your pool is out baking in the sun day after day, it’s going to need some love a bit sooner.

Signs your pool needs resurfacing?

Stains and discoloration

Imagine spilling some juice on your shirt and not washing it straight away. Over time, it leaves a stain. Pools, too, can get ‘stained’ – from leaves, algae, or minerals in the water. The Orlando area is known for our beautiful Live Oak trees. Unfortunately, oaks have leaves and acorns, which have tannin, which stains pool surfaces. Metals such as copper and iron are found naturally in water. Copper stains can also originate in pool heaters or heat pumps. Pool stains aren’t just bad to look at but can hint at bigger issues beneath the surface.

surface roughness

Remember walking barefoot on a road and suddenly finding a rough patch? It’s the same with pools. Initial rough spots might just be small areas, but they can spread, making swimming less enjoyable and even a bit scratchy.

Cracks or Breakage

Ever seen a cracked window? It starts small but can spread across the entire pane. Pools can get cracks too. Some are tiny, almost like the ones on broken glass, while others are bigger and more obvious. Letting them be can lead to bigger issues, like water leaks or even structural problems.

Peeling or Flaking (Delamination)

Sometimes, the surface of the pool starts peeling off, almost like paint. This is called delamination. It’s a clear sign that the pool’s surface isn’t in its prime anymore and needs attention.

Water Loss and Leaks

If you find yourself filling your pool more often than you used to, it might be because of a leak. A worn-out surface can sometimes be the culprit behind this.

Fading Pool Color

If your vibrant blue pool is now a faded shade, the sun’s rays and pool chemicals could be to blame. A fading pool isn’t just an eyesore; it can also indicate the surface is weakening.

Increased Chemical Usage

Imagine having to use more soap because your clothes aren’t getting as clean in the wash. A pool that’s getting old might need more chemicals to keep it clear. This doesn’t just hit your pocket but also shows that the pool’s health isn’t at its best.

The Risks of Ignoring These Signs

Not paying attention to these warning signs is like ignoring a toothache – it only gets worse. A rough pool surface might mean little cuts and bruises when you swim. Waiting too long to resurface can also mean bigger repair bills in the future. And, let’s not forget, a well-maintained pool can add to your home’s value, while a worn-out one can do the opposite.

The Benefits of Timely Pool Resurfacing

Getting your pool resurfaced on time is like giving it a spa day. It comes out looking fresh and beautiful. Swimmers will have a safer and more comfortable experience. Plus, in the long run, a well-maintained pool is easier on your wallet. You’ll spend less on chemicals, less on repairs, and enjoy your pool more.

Your pool is a big part of your home. It’s where memories are made, from kids’ first swims to fun pool parties. Just like any other part of your home, it needs care and attention. When you see signs that suggest it’s time for pool resurfacing, it’s best to act. It’s about safety, looks, and also saving money in the long run.

If any of the signs mentioned above sound familiar, or if you’re just unsure, call us. With over 40 years of experience, our team of Certified Pool Pros will help you figure out what’s best for your pool and ensure many more years of splashy fun!

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